Admas Concepts / Admas Development

``Admas Concepts'' is a nonfixed but sometimes identifiable group of individuals hanging out in cyspace who volunteer, have volunteered, and will have volunteered their time, skills, resources, and encouragement to simply bring into the workstation environment.

Individuals working on non-profit computer related projects for Fidel who would like to communicate with others doing the same, are welcome to use the ``Admas'' name in contact letters with businesses and organizations in and out of the computer world. If you let the rest of us be aware of your doing so, and that doing so is strictly for the advancement of your project and ultimately to the beneffit of Fidel and the public at large.

Yes the above is a real screen font. All of the high quality Fidel fonts at the ACG are converted publically available fonts developed by Abass Alamnehe for the EthTeX Package.

Are You A Student?

Need a topic for a term project and want to help bring Fidel deeper into computer environments? Please check our tasks list. Also, let us know about your work so we can 1) Inform others to avoid duplication of projects 2) help make your work accessible world wide!

Projects by Admas Associates

* Item is not yet SERA-96 compliant

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