Fidel Free Fonts

Project Description

This project originated in Early 1996 as an effort to produce a package of fonts for distribution under the X Windows environment. X Windows is the prevailent windows environment on academic and scientific computers and workstations that run on Unix or VMS. Providing Ethiopic fonts for X Windows distributes the capabability to work with the writing systems to research centers world wide.

Generally, the X Windows environement is not considered a profittable medium to font vendors. Thus fonts may be distributed under X Windows, in bitmap format, without detracting from sales in PC markets. Such companies as Adobe, B&H, DEC, Sony, and Sun have donated font to the X Organization. This forsightedness has allowed for new research and Internet communications resources to be possible for such writing systems as: Arabic, Chinese, Cyrllic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, etc. New resources such as web browsers and email tools that later found their way back into commercial markets.

Correcting the absence of Ge'ez script in this very important work place is what this effort is about!

The Work Ahead

The recent Unicode standard for the Fidel has at long last provided Fidel with an internationally accepted system for information interchange. Each of the donated fonts will require additions be made to complete the Unicode character set for Ethiopic. The upgrade of each font set may mean 1 to 2 months of effort depending on a persons artistic skills and available time. Volunteers to upgrade the fonts are needed.

Additional font providers are welcome to contribute to this effort at any time.

Contact Person: Yonas Fisseha <>

Additionally, the success of this effort will close the Foundation Period for Fidel.

Distribution Table

Vendor X11 BDF Metafont
/ PK
PostScript TrueType Linux Console

YesYesNoNo Yes

Ethio Systems

Goha Tibeb
YesYesYes Yes Yes

Current Status

Agafari fonts have been successfully converted to PS1, PK, and BDF from a TT starting point. Assistance is greatly needed here to complete conversions. An assortment of Linux console fonts are available now.

EthiO Systems:
The EthiO Systems font originated in Metafont and PK and is currently downloadable from the EthiO Systems Home Page. The EthiO Systems fonts will be redistributed in a variety of BDF sizes. New work awaits a MetaFont->PS converter.

Goha Tibeb:
The donated fonts originate in HP Laser Jet Format which may be downloaded with the Goha Word Perfect Package. The Goha fonts have been successfully imported into True Type format and should become available by the end of February 1997 when clean up work is completed. An alpha release of the True Type font available now. An assortment of Linux console fonts are available now.

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