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The sera2ps Latin to Ethiopic postscript converter is composed of a few Multilingual Emacs component files, the associaated "coco" package developed by Kenichi Handa, and converted LaTeX fonts developed by Abass Alamnehe. The compressed tar file occupies 0.15 megabytes. Compiled, sera2ps consumes roughly 1.20 megabytes.

You will need the GNU "gcc" compiler to build sera2ps UNLESS you have "alloca" as part of the C libraries on your system. In time sera2ps will be buildable with standard "cc". After downloading, installation is a one step processes.

If you are using Mosaic, problems may occur if you try to transfer the "sera2ps.tar.gz" file, as Mosaic will attempt to decompress it while transferring -this may or may not work. Command line ftp is then recommended (

UPDATE 09/29/96

The SER2PS package now includes and relies on the sera2any package which has a variety of features and options.

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