Ethiopic Languages User Interface


Components of ELUX

The natural languages ELUX will provide specifications for. These languages will generally be those using Ethiopic script as their writing system. Ethiopic languages using other scripts may also be specified.

Font Sets
The writing systems and encodings used in Ethiopic text. Generally Ethiopic, Roman (European), and Arabic.

Input Method
Specifications for the keyboard compose sequences popularly applied to enter Ethiopic text.

Messages Catalogs (NLS)
The dialog expressions used by the operating system and software that may be applied through National Language Support. An NLS package for Linux is available here.

Vocabulary of expressions for the common statements in pull down and pop-up menus applied in software.

Dates and Times
A specification of the display formats as well as description of the calendar and time systems.

Icons and Other GUI Glyphs
A library of graphic symbols meaningful in the target cultures.

Environment Attributes
The locales appropriate for an ELUX work space. Also....

The ELUX Specification

Composing the specification will be the major work involved in designing ELUX.

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