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Ethiopic Publishing in Unicode (UTF-8)

Abyssinia Cyberspace Gateway
Ethiopian News Headlines


Keyman 5.0


Code 2000:
Ethiopia Jiret:
GF Zemen:
Titus Cyberbit:
Visual Ge'ez:

X11 BDF Extend Fonts with 412 Characters

The UCS Collection
Last Resort Font
ethiomx12-uni.bdf (Medium Proportional Width)
ethiomx16f-uni.bdf (Medium Fixed Width)
ethiomx10d300-uni.bdf (Proportional Width for PostScript With Mule)

Linux Console Fonts

An assortment of typefaces for Linux 1.3.0 and later UTF-8 console support.

Ethiopic Character Data

Ethiopic Numerals (with conversion algorithm)
Ethiopic Collation
Ethiopic Entities (DTD)
Sylalbic Data (IPA and Character Classes)
Character Class Essay

The Ethiopic Matrix

Matrix Info at Unicode Headquarters (PDF)
Matrix In Postscript
Matrix GIF File
Ethiopic Braille
Matrix in UTF-8
Matrix in SERA Transliteration
Entity Matrix

An Assortment of Unicode Proposals for Ethiopic

UTC-95-055A Compliant Proposal of Firdyiwek, Fisseha & Yacob May 28, 1996

UTC-95-055A Proposal of Becker December 9,1995 [Not Yet On Line!]

Final Proposal of Firdyiwek, Fisseha, & Yacob October 8, 1995

Joe Becker's Revision of the August 1993 Proposal

The Original CSES Proposal August, 1993

Lloyd Anderson Adjustment to UTC/1991-026 February 21, 1992

Joesph Becker's First Proposal

Miscellaneous Info On Ethiopic

Ethiopic Input Methods Multilingual Emacs and Ethiopic
7-Bit Transcription for Ethiopic
History of the Fidel
Additional History by Yohannes Negase-Sium
Gif of Fidel Evolution
Fidel Resource Page
Unix Fortunes Ethiopic Software ftp Archive

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