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This page is provided for people who have written me asking ``when?'' ``when?'' My personal schedule and other SERA projects keeps me off of Eview updating unexpectedly after I make the mistake of promissing a date of release. So, here is the work in progress. It works under normal operating conditions, and has SERA-95 decoding.

Please read the WARNING to know the limitations and before sending in bug reports. If you have latin font failures please make the appropriate substitutions for the other LATINXFONTs in the eview.h and recompile. Sorry!

UPDATE 8/13/95

The Vision of The Viewer

eview-0.48a.tar.Z.txt Uuencoded

eview-0.48a.tar.Z Compressed

WARNING What 0.48a Won't Do

SCHEDULE Info on 0.49 and 0.5 -send your requests!!

Eview v0.4 Older but More Robust

SERA FAQ and info on SERA-95

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