Addis Ababa University

POB 1176
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: (1) 55-08-44
Fax: (1) 55-38-11
Telex: 21205
Cables: aa Univ

Language of Instruction English

Academic Year October - July

President Prof Duri Mohammed

Accedemic Vice-President Dr. Mekonnen Dilgassa

Vice-President for Business and Development Ato Ayele Tirfe

Journal of Ethiopian Studies
SINET: an Ethiopian Journal of Science
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research
Ethiopian Journal of Education
Register of Current Research on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa
Ethiopian Publications
Number of Teachers : 871
Number of Students : 19,149

Admission Requirements : Secondary School Certificate or Foreign Eqivalent.

Degrees And Diplomas
Bachelor of Arts (4 Year)
Bachelor of Science (4 Year)
Science in Engineering (5 Year)
Law (5 Year)
Doctor of Medicine (6 Year)
Veternary Medicine (6 Year)

Tuition (Birr) : 7,000; Medicine 8,200


Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Taddesse Tamrat
Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Johannis Kinfu
Faculty of Science Dr. Demesu Gemeda
Faculty of Technology Dr. Hailu Ayele
Faculty of Law Ato Daniel Haile
Faculty of Medicine Prof. Edemariam Tsega
Gondar College of Medical Sciences Dr. Dessalegne Mersha
School of Pharmacy Dr. Kaleab Asres
Awassa College of Agriculture Dr. Assefa G. Amlak
Bahir Dar Teachers' College Dr. Yalew Ingidayehu
School of Graduate Studies [Updated Personnel Name Needed]
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Geressu Birru
Institute of Language Studies Dr. Dejenie Leta
School of Information Studies in Africa Ato Getachew Birru


Institute of Ethiopian Studies Dr. Taddese Beyene
Institute of Pathobiology Dr. Taddese Beyene
Institute of Development Research Dr. Andargachew Tesfaye
Institute of Educational Research Dr. Darge Wole

Schools, Departments, & Labs

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Geology

Department of Geography

Faculty of Business and Economics

Institute of Ethiopian Studies

Department of Mathematics
Dr. Dida Mideskso

Medical Faculty

Microprocessor Laboratory

National Herbarium

Department of Physics

Department of Statistics

Demographic Training and Research Center

School of Information Studies In Africa

School of Graduate Studies

School of Sociology and Anthropology

School of Pharmacy
Dr. Kaleab Asres
P.O. Box 1176
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel.114744 Fax.
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