Institute of Ethiopian Studies at AAU

Society of Friends
The Institute of Ethiopian
Addis Ababa University

Founded January 1968

The Society of Friends of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, which was founded in January 1968, has played an important role in introducing the Ethiopian and foreign community to many aspects of Ethiopia's unique culture, and has also instrumental in raising funds for the Institute Museum's most important acquisitions.

The Society holds regular lectures and slide shows throughout the academic year, and offers members privileged access to the Institute's steadily expanding Museum as well as its important Library.

These facilities have contributed significantly to creating a greater awareness and appreciation of Ethiopia history and culture.

Funds raised by the Society's Annual and LIfe Membership have enabled the Musuem to make many important acquisitions, particularly crosses, icons and other paintings, and manuscripts. These acquisitions, have enabled the Institute Museum to emerge as the finest gallery of Ethiopian art in the world, and at the same time saved for posterity innumerable works of Ethiopian art which the country would almost certainly have lost.

1. Objectives of the Society

2. Membership

Anyone who accepts the objectives of the Society is eligible for regular membership. Candidates for admission must complete an application form and be duly proposed by a membership.

The Committee may establish other classes of membership.

Regular members have the following privileges:

3. Subscription

The annual subscription for regular members will be Ethiopian Birr 50.00 for members residing in Ethiopia and US $50.00 for members residing outside of Ethiopia. Life membership will be awarded to presons who make a single contribution, of Ethiopian Birr 1,000.00 or more, for members residing in Ethiopia, and US $1,000.00 or more for members residing outside Ethiopia.

4. Committee

The Society will be directed by a Committee composed as follows:

5. Officers and Subcommittees

6. Meetings

7. Finances

The Treasurer will be responsible for the accounts of the Society and will operate the Society's Bank Account jointly with the Director of the Institute. The Accounts will be audited annually as soon as possible after the end of December by an auditor named by the Committee. The accounts will be presented tot eh Annual General Meeting.

8. Amendment of Rules

The Rules of the Society may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at the General Meeting by those memberes present and in good standing.

9. Registered Address

The registered address of the Society will be:

Institute of Ethiopian Studies,
P.O. Box 1176
Addis Ababa University
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Phone: 11 94 69
Fax: (251-1) 55 26 88