``Ethiopic'' is the term most familiar to the western world for the primary writing system of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Other terms that have been used for the script in the west have been ``Abyssinian'', ``Ethiopian'' and ``Abyssinic''. In Eritrea and Ethiopia the writing system is known affectionately as ``Ge'ez'', ``Fidel'', and ``Fidelat'' and the foreign names may never be heard in ones lifetime. The terms may be used interchangably here to refer to the extended writing system. This includes all additional characters added to classic Ge'ez for tgrNa, amarNa, guragiNa and other languages, numbers, punctuation, and musical notes.

Old "Fidel Page".

Abyssinian Scripts

Feera: Ancient Script of the Afar

The Cursive Syllabary of Emperor Menelik

The Lost Script of Sanna Ibsa


The Oromo Syllabary of Shayk Bakri Sapalo

History of the Fidel and Gif of Fidel Evolution

Additional History by Yohannes Negase-Sium

Very Rare Fidels

Character Data

Character Classes



Names (Entities DTD)



Syllabic Properties

Software & Computerization


Legends of Ethiopic Computerization

From He To Po A projects coordination page for the Internet

Developer Resources

ECoSA Projects Page

Ethiopic Unicode Resources

Input Methods

LibEth Homepage

Notes on Ethiopic Localization

Yeha Locale Data



Linux Console Fonts


LiveGe'ez Remote Processing Protocol

Text Formatting

Ethiopic Support in Babel

Text Samples

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