Mule Version 2.3

Release 2.3

Mule 2.3 is based on Emacs 19.28 and has a number of small changes accordingly. The Ethiopic portion has more significant updates and bug fixes. Some are:

 1) Transliteration bug with tE<->TE is fixed.
 2) Mail underline bug is fixed.
 3) Can build now with Ethiopic as primary mode.
    (do not need to load ethio.el file manualy)
 4) SERA conversion a little cleaner looking.
 5) `any2ps' now comes with Mule and has refinements,
    thus you can print Ethiopic from the "File" menu.
 6) <sera> and </sera> now used with email.
 7) ".sera" extension forces SERA format conversion 
    upon saving.
 8) C-F4 and C-F5 have friendlier behavior.
Update 3/26/95
 9) "fidel" appears in Ethiopic at the mode line replacing "Ethio".
10) Shift-[F2] is now the same as [F7].
11) Blank space, " ", to Ethiopic wordspace, ":", a
    little more intelligent.  Click here for a useful
    hint on Ethiopic wordspace entry.
Update 7/24/95
12) Enhancements to W3 mode for full operability with
    <sera> markers in HTML.
13) Double strike entry for h2, s2, S2, e2, that is:
    hh = h2, ss = s2 etc.
Update 8/19/95
14) save-as-tex hook is added.  When a file name is saved with the .tex
    extension, fidel characters in the buffer convert to LaTeX mapping
    for Washra fonts.
New Ethiopic files will work with Mule 2.1 if you wish to recompile your copy of version 2.1 without downloading version 2.3 and starting over. Updating the Ethiopic Mule Web pages will be ongoing.

Once installed the manual pages for Ethiopic Mode are found under the "Help" menu by navigating the button sequence : Info-Mule-Languages-Ethiopic Languages.