Bug Reports for Ethiopic Mode

The evaluation time, in some instances, was very limited and inevitably
bugs will have crept into the Ethiopic Mode.  Problems may also occur on
one machine type and not another.  Please inform us of those you find so we
may fix them in next releases and inform other users.  Likewise, let us
know what new feature you want. 

The Bug Collector

Please send bug reports to :

Yonas Fisseha : fisseha@cig.mot.com

Installation and Building

   lib-src/fakelisp.c may not compile on some systems without gcc.

   Solution : rebuild using this patch.  save the patch with
   some "filename" in your mule-2.2 directory and perform at the
   command line:

     %cat filename | patch -s -p1

   If you receive errors for the updating of ethio.el it means you
   are already using the new ethio.el .

Input Mode

None Reported.

Transliteration SERA<-->Fidel/at

None Reported.

Ethiopic Email

None Reported.

Laser Printing

The first line of your file will be omitted. This isn't truly a bug but a property of the A4 paper size. The temporary solution is to put 1 blank line at the top of your files.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience incurred.