A Terse Linux Installation

Having failed to compile Mule on Linux I was fortunate to discover that a precompiled version is already available to Linux users. All you need do is download 7 files. Below is what I believe is the minimalist approach for getting a basic Mule running.

  1. cd /
  2. ftp ftp.cdrom.com
  3. cd pub/linux/je/mule
  4. mget mu2elb1.tgz mu2elb2.tgz mu2etc.tgz mu2info.tgz
  5. mget mu2uty.tgz vmu2xt.tgz
  6. quit ftp
  7. gzip -cd *mu* | tar xvf -
  8. rehash

You have mule installed, you can start it with ``mule-19.28'' But you are not ethiopic ready, so lets get the fonts:

  1. ftp ftp.ethiopic.org
  2. cd pub/fonts/old
  3. get ethiom16f.bdf
  4. ( move font to a system or personal font directory )
  5. bdftopcf ethiom16f.bdf > ethiom16f.pcf
  6. mkfontdir
  7. xset fp+ `pwd`

Now start Mule with mule-19.28 ( you may want to alias or rename the command later ). Since we didn't compile this ourselves with Ethiopic as the default, we need to start it each time we run Mule.

  1. mule-19.28
  2. Cntrl-]
    We are now in IPA mode that we want to get out of... ESC-s (don't really hit both keys at the same time)
  3. Move pointer to the little dialog window at the bottom of the
    editor and type: ethio
    and "return key".

You should see the word [IPA] turn into [(fi)(de)(l)]

Through the "Help" menu instructions can be found by following:

Info / Mule / Languages / Ethiopic

To choose menu items in the page you will need the middle mouse button -or three button emulation on for 2 button mice. Of course, one of my favorite web sites also has the the instructions for Ethiopic on-line ;-) The rest is a matter of coolizing your .emacs file.