Installation Assistance

Installation Help

This help page will grow as we become more aware of what kind of problems users encounter. You may cleck here to read the extended trouble shooting list, the PROBLEMS file that comes with the Mule package.

Truly, you should read through the Mule INSTALL document before attempting anything. The Mule make and configuration files are very resiliant and can build Mule for you in all but the most uncommon library hierarchies. If you wish to test your luck, a quick and trouble free installation would go as follows:

   o  Install Fonts
   %  vi ~/.emacs    
      add line:  (set-primary-environment 'ethio)

   %  gunzip mule-2.3.tar.gz
   %  tar -xvf mule-2.3.tar
   %  cd mule-2.3
   %  vi lisp/site-init.el   (this will be a NEW file)
      add line:  (set-primary-environment 'ethio)
   %  chmod u+w src/puresize.h 
   %  vi src/puresize.h
      edit lines 32 and 34 :  #define BASE_PURESIZE 320000
   %  configure 
   %  make all
   %  src/emacs
   %  C-] (Start Typing)
If you actually get to the last step but you not receive the `[fidel]' (where `fidel' is with Fidel letters) in the lower left corner of the editor, check to make sure your fonts are properly installed.

Installation With The Patch

To install Mule with the patch "diff-19.29-2.3.gz" the command line is as follows:

     zcat diff-19.29-2.3.gz |  patch -s -p1
Note that `zcat' in this instance is the GNU version of `zcat' and not the Unix standard. Also, you will need to have write permission in the directory that houses the emacs executable, so you may wish to copy the executable to the /tmp directory and apply the patch from there.

Do's and Don'ts for Building

1)  Do Not store the mule-2.3 directory below some other
    directory that contains a " " in the directory name.