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Configuration for Ethiopic

  To use Ethiopic most easily, you may want to create the `~/.emacs'
file in your home directory that contains the following line:

     (set-primary-environment 'ethio)

  Here are the lines that you might want to include in your `~/.emacs'

(setq ethio-use-tigrigna-style t)
     Writes SERA output with `e' in place of `a' for the first form
     vowel `'.

(setq ethio-quote-vowel-always t)
     When writing SERA output `'' is inserted between two adjacent

(setq ethio-W-sixth-always t)
     Writes SERA output with 9th form Fidel characters represented with
     `W'' and not `Wu'.

(setq ethio-numeric-reduction #)
     Sets level of reduction for numeral representation in SERA.  `#'
     must be replaced by 0, 1 or 2.  The Ethiopic number `'
     `\5\100' if # is 0, `\5100' if 1, `\500' if 2'.

(add-hook 'rmail-show-message-hook 'sera-to-fidel-mail)
     When in rmail-mode will convert Ethiopic email marked by
     `<sera>' immediately into Ge'ez text without waiting for the
     `C-[F4]' key to be struck.

(add-hook 'mail-send-hook 'fidel-to-sera-mail)
     Will convert Ge'ez email into SERA when send it out from mail-mode.

(add-hook 'news-inews-hook 'fidel-to-sera-mail)
     Will convert Ge'ez news article into SERA format when posting news
     in gnus mode.