How to Get Mule

Mule by Anonymous ftp

To build Mule you may do so from scratch or if you already have Emacs 19.27 you need only the add on "patch". To build Mule from scratch you will need 50 Megabytes to do so. You may have this much space in your /tmp directory or in a system "scratch" directory. When complete the Mule execuatable (Emacs) will be 5 Meg, with associated files Emacs requires 20 Megabytes.

The buttons below will take you to the directories where Mule is archived. The complete Mule archives are located outside of the US so transfer rates from those sites may be as slow as 2 Mb/hour. The Mule tar file, mule-2.2.tar.gz, is 9.6 Megabytes and the Emacs 19.28 patch, diff-19.28-2.2.gz, is 1.5 Mb.

You are recomended to connect to the host nearest you. Connection failure can occur when traffic levels to a site are high. The necessary Ethiopic fonts are available in these pages.

If your Web browser is `Mosaic' it may have difficulty transfering the very large mule-2.2.tar.gz file. If you have a choice, try `Netscape' ("Netscape" or "netscape" at your command line) instead. Or ftp by hand from an available window.

Getting Mule By Mail

This comes from the Mule README document. You may receive the components of Mule by sending requests to the Mule headquarters mail server. The large binary files will be broken into many smaller encoded files as detailed.

You can get Mule by sending request to:
This system analyzes only the Subject field of a mail header.
The acceptable format of Subject is:
        Subject: filename mail-address
                send the specified file to ,
The acceptable `filename' is one of the followings:
        diff-19.28-2.3 -- Patch for GNU Emacs 19.28, 36 files
        diff-19.28-2.3.N -- Nth part of diff-19.28-2.3
                           -- N should be one of 01, 02 .. 36
        ETL.tar -- Fonts for Laint1,Cyrillic,Greek,Thai,Viet..., 3 files
        Chinese.tar -- Fonts for Chinese-GB (16/24) , 20 files
        Japanese.tar -- Fonts for Japanese-JIS (14/16/24), 25 files
        Korean.tar -- Fonts for Korean-KSC (16/24), 18 files
        READMEDIR.tar -- Several documents about Mule, 3 files
        lisp.tar -- Useful ELISP libraries in contrib directory, 5 files
        HELP -- This message
For instance, a mail with 'Subject: Chinese.tar'
will send Chinese fonts divided into 20 files to .

The description alters on version up of Mule.  You'd better
check the correct format by requesting HELP.

Russian or Ukrainian sites should ask mail service to, or,
however, as far as I know, their system is not yet