A Collection of Essays by Dr. Richard Pankhurst


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Essays for the Addis Tribune

Concerning The Looting of Maqdala

  1. Tewodros, and the Battle of Maqdala, 1868
  2. Who Lost the Battle of Maqdala?
  3. Maqdala Loot in "The Times" Newspaper
  4. The Crowns of Emperor Tewodros: Loot from Maqdala
  5. Maqdala and its Loot: a Brief History
  6. The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures, AFROMET, Launched at Sheraton Addis
  7. Dr and Mrs Pankhurst Write to London "Independent" Newspaper on Maqdala Treasures
  8. The British Maqdala Expedition and its Photographed

The Ethiopian Aeroplan "Tsehai"

  1. The Ethiopian Aeroplane "Tsehai": A Matter of Unreturned Loot, in Italy
  2. Tsehai: Aeroplane or Princess?

Concerning The Asksum Obelisk

Preserving Ethiopian History

  1. A Stolen Ethiopian Icon: The Story of the Kwer'ata Re`esu Hits the Headlines,
  2. Africa's Stolen Cultural Property
  3. The Preservation of Ethiopian Culture
  4. Ethiopia's Culture in Grave Crisis: The Old City of Danqaz: an Urgent Question for the Authorities
  5. Ethiopia's Crumbling Historical Heritage
  6. How to Destory Your History: The Temple of Yeha, and its Killer Trees
  7. How to Conceal Your History: The Hidden Inscriptions of Aksum
  8. How to Lose Your History: The Microfilming of Ethiopian Manuscripts: A Nostalgic View
  9. How to Lose Your History: Lives of Ethiopian Saints
  10. How to Lose Your History: The Mysterious Case of the Ethiopian Archives
  11. How to Preserve Your Culture: Professor Richard Pankhurst's Observation of Workshop
  12. How to Write, or Lose, One's History: In Praise of Historical Memoirs, and Autobiographies
  13. How to Remember Your History: Ethiopia's Missing Statues
  14. Professor Richard Pankhurst's Observations of Workshop on Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage
  15. About Ethiopian National Archives
  16. Ethiopian National Archives: "Folly" and "Disaster" Justified
  17. American Ambassador Encourages Preservation of Ethiopia's Cultural Heritage

Book Reviews

  1. Another New History of Ethiopia Published
  2. A Japanese Photographic Masterpiece on Ethiopia
  3. Now At Long Last They are Heard! An Important New Book by Dr. Fekade Azeze
  4. Book Review "One Hip Too Far: I Opened My Heart to Ethiopia"

About or Mentioning Dr Pankhurst

  1. The Tragic Fire at Dabra Damo Monastic Library
  2. Dr. Richard Pankhurst - Historian
  3. Professor Haggai Erlich presented a public lecture on the Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict
  4. Maitre Artist Afewerk Tekle
  5. Ethiopia and New World Blacks: Part I
  6. Ethiopia and New World Blacks: Part II
  7. Visit to The Cannon of Tewodros
  8. On Deportations
  9. American Ambassador Encourages Preservation of Ethiopia's Cultural Heritage
  10. Letter to the Editor
  11. A Tale of Four Churches
  12. Debre Tabor Part I
  13. Debre Tabor Part II
  14. Ethiopia and War Crimes

On Sylvia Pankhurst

  1. A Glimpse at My Mother's Archives, 1
  2. A Glimpse at My Mother's Archives, 2
  3. Sylvia Pankhurst, Friend of Ethiopia, Statue Proposed
  4. Letter to the Editor
  5. Extracts from My Mother's Archives
  6. Extracts from My Mother's Archives
  7. Dr Melaku Bayen, the Ethiopian World Federation, the Anglo-Italian Agreement of 1938
  8. Further Extracts from My Mother's Archives

On Art and Artist

  1. Ato Sebhatu Gebre Yesus - Gardening to Create the "Country Of Flowers"
  2. Saint Matthew, and Two Eighteenth Century Italian Artists, and Their Ethiopian Vision
  3. Over 300 Historical and Cultural Arts Illegally Smuggled out side Ethiopia
  4. Ethiopian History, and Art