The College has four major departments which grant five years B.S degree programs in Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering .

Civil and Electrical Engineering departments offer graduate programs leading to M.S degrees.

An advanced diploma is available through evening classes in all four engineering majors.


The College of Engineering, began instruction with a two-year certificate program in Pre-Engineering in 1952 on the premises of the Addis Ababa Technical School. In 1954 the curriculum was extended to a four year program consisting of two separate branches in Civil and Industrial Engineering. At the beginning of 1959, a fifth year was added to fulfill the requrements for B.Sc degree in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. The College of Engineering was integrated with the structure of Haile Selassie I University in 1962.

After running a Chemical Engineering Minor program for few years , the college launched its Chemical Engineering major program in 1986. The College housed its students in the AAU main campus at Sidist Kilo till its own residential and dinning facilities located acrross the street were completed in 1987.


The College admits students among those who successfully completed one semester in the freshman program of the College of Natural Sciences.

The incoming students join an intensive two semester pre-engineering program which consists of courses in Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mathematics etc. Upon successful completion of the pre-engineering program, students may join any of the four departments.




Faculty of Technology

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